About Us

As the lights dim and the crowd starts to settle and the main event is about to begin, you can almost feel a spine tingling chill as the anticipation of the night sky being lit up with the beauty of another Ka-Boom Fireworks display.

The first shells are fired and WOW factor has just begun…

From our initial consultations with you to last component of our state of the art electrical firing systems being packed away, Ka-Boom Fireworks will work with you to make sure your fireworks are the best yet! We pride ourselves on our exciting, unique and High Quality Fireworks, our expert advice and friendly service.

With our combined experience of over 3 decades in the industry we can design, manufacture, package, import and deliver fireworks to your requirements and specifications; We stock our own unique range of display fireworks including aerial shells, multi-shots, candles, water cakes, effect mines, single shot comets, and premium cylinder effects.

Our fireworks are sourced and imported from factories that are run on Western ethical guidelines ensuring excellent working conditions, giving a satisfied workforce and consistently high quality products.

For that really special occasion contact Ka-Boom Fireworks today.