With a 100% perfect safety record, KA-BOOM FIREWORKS knows the importance of making sure all displays are always safe for yourself, our operators and your audience.
Using only quality products from select suppliers we can assure you of a ’danger free’ display that will really give that WOW factor to your next event!Even with a safety record second to none, KA-BOOM FIREWORKS is fully insured to give you peace of mind no matter what size display you require.

There are strict Australian standards in place which KA-BOOM FIREWORKS follows to the letter and we only use expert pyrotechnicians who are fully trained to meet the latest industry standards.

Using the latest in digital technology including ‘FireOne’ and ‘Monetti Pyroleda’ firing systems, KA-BOOM FIREWORKS can control your display and isolate items that may not be suitable during an event. The system also allows special chases and sequences that are not humanly possible all whilst having total control. Some of these sequences have been seen on bridges and chase around stadiums all over the world.

KA-BOOM FIREWORKS completes a Risk Assessment for each display as part
of our Safety Procedures. Our Risk Assessment consists of the following:

Site Inspection
Display Design Suited to Area
Official Notifications
Packing of Fireworks
Transport of Fireworks
Checks on Day of Event

Setup Onsite

Electronics Testing
Post Display
Check Site
Clean up

Designing a display is an important part of our Safety Plan and we look at varying factors including:


Wind Direction and Strength

Surrounding Area
Spectator Points
Emergency Vehicle Access

Risk assessing is extremely important to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience for your display.