Australia's premier fireworks display company, providing explosive entertainment to all nations, all venues and all ages!
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Are you looking for a professional, hassle free, indoor or outdoor fireworks display, prepared for any event?


Ka-Boom Fireworks is a family owned business operating Australia wide and internationally since 1996. We have traveled the world to ensure we can offer you the most current effects and products available, ensuring we create breathtaking displays.


For your next extravaganza, look no further than Ka-Boom Fireworks.

What We Do


Aerial fireworks are the large, colourful pyrotechnics most commonly identified with fireworks. These are fired from mortar tubes and break 100s of meters in the sky depending on the size and type. We customise all displays to ensure your event has the best product available.


Often, aerial displays are combined with ground based displays to provide a multi-tiered full-on display, filling the sky with effects to wow spectators.


Get in touch with us to discuss your event.


Ground based fireworks provide lower level effects (usually between 30-80 meters in height) breaking in spectacular colours. They can be used to enhance a particular moment or in place of a traditional aerial displace where closer proximity to spectators is required.


Often, ground based fireworks are combined with aerial fireworks provide a complete and well-rounded show.


We have a variety of products designed to be used safely indoors creating amazing effects to your requirements. There are many considerations when using indoor pyrotechnics however, so please get in touch with us so we can provide professional advice and recommendations.


Spark effects are new, revolutionary and very popular. They are visually similar to traditional fountain fireworks but are non-hazardous. They are very versatile as they can be used indoors and outdoors and are especially great when restrictions such as height, fire alarms or other venue restrictions are a consideration.


We can integrate flame effects into your event, using our spectacular flame machines. They are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, controlled wirelessly and can be discretely positioned. We can shoot out flames on cue, which look sensational and will warm any crowd.


We can showcase any event – whether you’re celebrating a birthday or wedding, organising Christmas Carols or New Year’s Eve, promoting a new product or anything in between – we specialise in creating a display to suit your requirements.


Get in touch with us, and we will work with you to understand your requirements, location and budget. We can provide you professional advice, assistance and make suggestions and recommendations accordingly. We will choose the right products for you to develop your display and assist with gaining all permits and approvals.


Ka-Boom Fireworks operates internationally and nationally across Australia. However, we have never forgotten our roots. Our head office situated in the heart of the Hunter Valley with Ka-Boom Fireworks being the number one supplier of pyrotechnic extravaganzas throughout the region.


Renowned for our expertise in preparation, managing and operating displays in vineyards, on water and other delicate locations, we will ensure your expectations are exceeded in almost any location!


Want a special and memorable event for you and your guests? You’ve arranged the venue, the cake, the dresses and suits, the food and the cars but you can’t help but think there is something missing?


We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate your wedding than with a bespoke fireworks display to really make your day something to remember. We have some great display packages that are tailored for adding WOW to your wedding.


We have a wealth of experience with weddings and other personal events and can combine all of our services and product offerings to make your night as special and unique as possible.


Whatever stage of planning you are up to, get in touch with us to see what we can do for you.


With an excellent safety record, Ka-Boom Fireworks knows the importance of making sure all displays are safe for yourself, our operators and your audience.


Using only quality products from select suppliers we can assure you of a ’danger free’ display that will really give that WOW factor to your next event!


To give peace of mind, Ka-Boom Fireworks is fully insured no matter what size display you require.
We only use expert pyrotechnicians who are licensed and fully trained to meet the latest industry standards. A risk assessment is completed for each and every display to ensure that all risks are controlled as best as possible. Our professional team will ensure that exclusion zones and safety distances are adequate, implement fire control and suppression measures, and ensure that weather conditions are within safe parameters for outdoor displays.


Using the latest in digital technology including ‘FireOne’ and ‘Monetti Pyroleda’ electronic firing systems, Ka-Boom Fireworks can control your display and develop any sequences and chases that you desire, whilst additionally providing a level of safety not able to be realised by hand firing. Some of these sequences have been seen on bridges and around stadiums all over the world.
Our skilled operators are ever vigilant of not only the display but the surrounding environment and are always looking for things that may impact the display (even while firing!). Thanks to our state-of-the-art firing systems, we are able to isolate effects during a display if they are no longer suitable or completely stop a display.

Let’s Get In Touch

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